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ALAVIE® Nutrix-JoinK helps to Build & Maintain Healthy Joint, Bone & Cartilage
by providing 100% Complete Natural Bioactive Nutrients!

It is the Best Nutrition for treating pain & weak joints.

Joint Movement


Healthy Joint

Healthy synovial fluid, Thick & smooth cartilage,
Shock resistance 

Unhealthy Joint

Inflamed synovial fluid, Bone end rubs together, Bone spur, Thin cartilage

Inability to fully straighten

Minor swelling

Popping Sensation

Temporary weakness

Mild Stiffness








Innovative Formula, Scientifically Proven

1. Stimulate growth & repair of cartilage tissue

2. Reduce joint inflammation & pain

3. Promote cartilage lubrication

4. Enhance Joint mobility & Flexibility

5. Comfort & support weak Joint

6. Maintain health bone strength & reduce Fracture

Repair & Relieve Phase 

Suggested to purchase 2 boxes (30 sachets) In 1 month’s consumption, it helps to relieve inflammation & pain, allow more comfort.

Repair, Lubricate & Recovery Phase

Suggested to purchase 6 boxes (90 sachets) In 3 months’ consumption, it helps to stimulate growth & repair of cartilage tissue, enhance joint lubrication for better & flexibility & mobility, relieve stiffness, swollen & cracking joint.

Nourish, Protect & Maintenance Phase

Suggested to purchase 12 boxes (180 sachets) In 6 months’ consumption and above, it helps to maintain healthy bone density & support joint cartilage health.

***Results are varying based on everyone***


Direction of Use:


Take 1 to 2 sachet/s daily before meal.

Mix it with 100-150ml room temperature water, stir well & drink.

Best consume in the morning before meal and before bedtime.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Scientific Evidences

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