ALAVIE® Resyze Tea
ALAVIE® Resyze Tea
ALAVIE® Resyze Tea
ALAVIE® Resyze Tea
ALAVIE® Resyze Tea
ALAVIE® Resyze Tea

ALAVIE® Resyze Tea

RM49.00 MYR
RM49.00 MYR
RM59.00 MYR

ALAVIE® Resyze Tea helps to boost body metabolism, reduce body fats, overcome constipation, improve gastrointestinal function & relieve water retention by providing 100% botanical blend of Southern Ginseng & traditional herbs extract.

It is the Best Aromatic Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea to fight stubborn fats & reshape S-curve body effectively!

Gifts from Nature
Ensure Fast, Long-lasting & Healthy Weight Loss


100% natural herbs complex synergistic blend
with top graded source of ingredient

By taking a cup of Resyze Tea daily, it can boost metabolic rate and fats burning rate equal to 

Walking for 60 minutes

Skipping rope for 40 minutes

Gym Fitness for 30 minutes

Running for 30 minutes



No Diet

No Exercise

No Medicine

No High Cost

People with poor gastrointestinal function
(indigestion, habitual constipation)

People with unbalanced diets
(dislike vegetables, loving dessert & meats)

Lack of exercise
(office white-collar workers, housewives)

People with high blood pressure,
high cholesterol, high blood sugar

Obese people
(edema, postpartum weight gain,

Boost metabolism and blood circulation, accelerate decomposition and burn stubborn fats

Body slimming and trimming, weight loss

Improve Hair Loss, Ensure Faster & Thicker Hair Regrowth

Improve bowel movement, relieve constipation

Relieve flatulence, regulate gastrointestinal function, prevent fats absorption

Enhance diuretic, prevent edema


Ensure fast, long-lasting and healthy slim and trim results!

Suggested to purchase 1 box (25 sachets)

Results are varying. In 25 days, it can help to eliminate toxins from the body, relieve water retention, improve constipation and relieve heat.

Suggested to purchase 3 boxes (75 sachets)

Results are varying. In 75 days, it can help to increase metabolism, break down and burn excess fats, lower cholesterol and reduce body weight.

Suggested to purchase 6 boxes (150 sachets)

Results are varying. In 150 days, it can help to shape a slim body figure, maintain a healthy weight, and make you look beautiful and charming.


High absorption & utilization, effective in 1 day, no rebound effect!

Registered health supplement with National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA)
   Contains safe lose weight function  

Singapore's high reputation brand, produced & strict monitoring by Malaysia top pharmaceutical factory


Direction of Use:

Take 1 teabag (3g) daily after meal.

Mix it with 100-150ml room temperature water, stir well & drink.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

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